Digital Banking Resources


Cybersecurity Awareness
Cybersecurity is the responsibility of every person who uses an internet-connected device. Learn how to protect yourself and your devices with these tips and resources for staying safe online.

Training Videos

Login Process
Step-by-step process for first time login, including secure access codes, registering devices and security preferences.

Digital Banking Overview
Addresses key features and functionality for treasury management users.

Commercial Banking
Overview of basic navigation and common user features, including alerts, templates and payments.

User Management
Designed for company administrators and business owners to better configure and enable transaction types, limits, features and account rights of their users.

Users & User Roles
A supplement to User Management training; designed to assist in managing risk at the transaction-type level, including application of the policy tester.  

Processing Wires
Overview of the steps for creating, editing and processing wires with templates and one-time payments.

ACH Payments
Overview of the steps for creating, editing and processing ACH transactions with templates and one-time payments.

Additional Resources

Money Smart for Older Adults (FDIC & CFPB)
Learn about common types of fraud and scams and how to prevent elder financial exploitation. Discover ways to keep your information safe and secure through advanced planning and informed financial decision-making.

User System Requirements
Outlines the hardware and software requirements for end-users to ensure a secure and optimal experience with the new E-Banking system.

Intuit QuickBooks User Guide
Refer to this guide for instructions on using QuickBooks' online account services to save time and automatically keep your records up-to-date.