About MCPE

The Metropolitan Capital Philanthropic Enterprise (MCPE) was created in 2011 to better enable Metropolitan Capital’s team members to develop stronger ties with, and assist with the well-being of, our community. MCPE consists of team members from Metropolitan Capital who seek out and organize opportunities for the rest of the team to get involved and give back in various ways, including the facilitation of the Bank’s matching program and providing volunteer opportunities for team members.

Impact Awards

Each year, the MCPE team recognizes as Impact Award recipients 10 non-profits that share our values and work to drive tangible progress in the areas of Arts, Education, Housing, Leadership and Entrepreneurship. In addition to a modest financial donation, we recognize these non-profits at our corporate events and provide them with the opportunity to share their mission with our relationship network. Through MCPE’s outreach and with the help of our network we have expanded our Impact Awards to include recipients from all of our geographic areas where we have a physical presence, including: San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and Chicago.

View our 2018 Annual Impact Report
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