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Virtual Art Opening

Tuesday, May 18
5:30 - 6:30pm


SYNERGYA group show featuring Jan Christopher-Berkson, John Himmelfarb, Sarah Krepp, Raúl Ortiz and Kathy Weaver

Metropolitan Capital invites you to join us Tuesday, May 18, for a virtual event showcasing our newest exhibition, SYNERGY, featuring a live Q&A and discussion with the artists. We encourage you to join the webinar early for a pre-show introduction at 5:25pm. Please register here to attend! 

The group show, SYNERGY, features the work of artists Jan Christopher-Berkson, John Himmelfarb, Sarah Krepp, Raúl Ortiz and Kathy Weaver. These five established Chicago artists create works of art in a variety of mediums that convey drama and compelling messages through the use of color, texture, style and experience. This exhibition explores the connection these pieces create when installed together. While much of the work is abstract, the artists use color, texture, and density of paint to explore subject matters and life experiences visually. Even though each artist is stylistically different, together these works ultimately evoke a sense of cooperation and cohesiveness.

Their work draws the viewer in and demonstrates how artwork can be representational of an artist’s emotions and feelings as well as show how outside influences can help reveal new insights about each work. This exhibition highlights how all these factors work together to create a relationship. The show underscores how a variety of styles and subject matters can still create a unified exhibition and dialogue. Each artist uses layers, both literally and metaphorically, to create images they want the viewer to decipher. As the audience peels away at these layers, they are given the opportunity to experience new ways of looking at the individual pieces but also the collective whole of the exhibition. While each layer provides new insight, it also further shows how these pieces work together.

Read more about the artists, their work, and the Metropolitan Capital exhibit here: SYNERGY: A Group Show.

Curated by Corporate Art Advisory, LLC

Metropolitan Capital occupies the entire North Annex of the historic Tree Studios, a workshop to many of Chicago's great artists over the past century. In addition to preserving the physical building, we also preserve the building’s artistic spirit through a strong tie to the arts community. Metropolitan Capital launched, "Art Works Chicago", which features rotating exhibitions of artwork by prominent Chicago artists displayed in the workplace setting.