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Philanthropy at Metropolitan Capital Bank & Trust

Metropolitan Capital Bank & Trust launched the Metropolitan Capital Philanthropic Enterprise (MCPE) in 2011. MCPE exists to focus the charitable giving of time, money and space on areas that are consistent with its priorities and are likely to have a considerable positive effect on the community as well as its team and clients. As space and time are limited, MCPE supports nonprofit organizations in five main areas: Arts, Education, Leadership, Housing and Entrepreneurship. This allows MCPE and Metropolitan Capital to focus and support the areas that matter most to their vision. MCPE achieves this through a number of means.

The first is through serving the community. Each member of Metropolitan Capital makes a commitment to serve a minimum of 6 days per year in areas that matter to the community and to the team member personally. To help make this substantial amount of service time possible, Metropolitan Capital allows each member to take time off specifically to serve the community. Since its inception, the team has made a number of positive impacts through serving as a team and individually in Chicago including: teaching basic financial concepts and budgeting in local schools, helping build homes, participating in various community events and serving the homeless. Members of Metropolitan Capital also serve on a number of Boards and Junior Boards for non-profit organizations.

The second means through which MCPE looks to make a positive impact is through its matching gifts program. Metropolitan Capital & MCPE have created a vehicle where team members and the Board of Directors have an opportunity to have their personal contributions to non-profit organizations matched by Metropolitan Capital, allowing the gift of one to have a larger impact through the generosity of Metropolitan Capital.

The third major venue through which MCPE looks to make a difference is by donating its unique space in the Tree Studios for use. MCPE encourages non-profit entities to use its space for luncheons, board meetings and evening events. If you are connected with a non-profit and are interested in learning more about the opportunity to use our space, please email for further information.

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